Add this tiny AppleScript app to your finder toolbar and whenever you click on it it will prompt you for a file name and will create an empty file in the current folder.

As a web developer I often find myself having to create empty text files to start a new class or any piece of code. In the past, if there was already a file in the same folder I'd usually duplicate it, rename it and delete the contents in BBEdit. I used to find this process faster than creating the new file in BBEdit and then having to navigate all the way to the folder I wanted to save it in.

With this script, I can just click on the icon in the finder toolbar and it will create an empty file for me in the folder that the window is showing. Am I over complicating things? I don't know. I'm very happy with my script, so I thought I would share it with the rest of the world.

To install, unzip the file and place it in your Applications folder (or anywhere you want really), then open a new Finder window and right (or control) click on the toolbar. Choose "Customize Toolbar" and drag and drop the script there.

Thats it! Enjoy!

Download it here: touch here

Oh, did I mention you can edit it with ScriptEditor and modify it to your own needs ?


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