Ok, so you have a MacBook with a built in iSight and MacOS keeps forgetting it even exists?
You keep getting the infamous "camera is not connected or is in use by another program" error message?

You've come to the right place!

After nights and nights of fiddling around I managed to fix this problem!
Before I give you the link here’s a brief history of what I tried:
- I’ve installed Ubuntu Linux with a hacked iSight firmware installer I found in some german website. Sure that worked, only my iSight died again every time I turned off my mac.
- I tried installing BootCamp but never quite got there cause I never had enough space on my hardrive.
- I upgraded to Leopard, and that didn’t fix it either.
- I tried rebooting with all those key combinations like command-control-shift-p-r and such.
- I tried reseting the pram as recommended by apple in their website, including taking out the battery and all that crap.
- I tried reinstalling the firmware with a firmware rescue disk…
- Ok, I tried every single solution I found on the web and none worked… Untill I came across a site describing how to write kernell extensions and bla, bla… boring… but combined with the first Linux based solution I came up with a brilliant idea, and it worked! So here you go, here’s a tiny folder containing a StartupItem that will make your life better!

Download Link: iSightFix Folder.zip


Installation instructions

Drop the folder iSightFix inside /Library/StartupItems, change the permissions as explained below and restart your mac. Note that this is the top "Library" folder and not the one inside your home folder.
If there isn't a StartupItems folder there just create it.
You may need to fix the permissions but Leopard did it for me. Note: Snow Leopard will alert you that there's something wrong, it won't fix the permissions for you. Please follow the Terminal instructions below (still untested, but high chance that it will work).

For novice users:
Don't be afraid of the Terminal! The Terminal application is located inside Applications/Utilities. Copy and paste every line one by one, but only the text AFTER the $ sign. After each line press enter. When you run the first line starting with "sudo" the terminal will ask you for your password. Just enter your account password and hit "enter".

Terminal instructions:
$ cd /Library/StartupItems
$ sudo chown -R root iSightFix
$ sudo chgrp -R wheel iSightFix
$ sudo chmod -R 755 iSightFix
$ ls -l
drwxr-xr-x 6 root wheel 204 9 Dec 10:25 iSightFix

The correct permissions should look like this (doing Apple-I on the iSightFix folder):

Picture 3.png

Note on Snow Leopard: There have been mixed reports on this fix regarding Snow Leopard, it hasn't worked for many people, but it had for many others (including myself). Please report your success/workaround back here, for the benefit of everybody else. Thanks!

Alternative snow leopard fix:

Jorge Hernandez came up with an alternative method for snow leopard that worked for him. In his own words:
"Attached to this email is a zipped file with two files to make this work, AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext (extracted from your iSight Fix) and Kext Helper b7. What I did is open Kext Helper b7 and dragged the AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext to it, typed my password, clicked Easy Install, then clicked OK when prompted, and finally restarted. Apparently my iSight camera is working and functional."

Download alternative fix: iSight Fix_Snow Leopard.zip


Screenshots of before:

Picture 4.png

System profiler:

Picture 3.png

After iSight Fix:

Picture 5.png


Posted by Tom Lawton on
You absolute star! Thanks so much for taking the time to write and release this- it's just brought back our iSight from the dead. I love Apple.. but if you can fix this, it's such a shame they've not bothered to...
Posted by inyang on
I don't use leopard but use the earlier version i think its panther. any solutions
Posted by Matt on
The one before Leopard was Tiger (MacOS 10.4). This patch was developed in Tiger so if your problem is the one "fixable" with this patch, then it should work.
Please note that there are many reasons why the isight won't work, and this only fixes one of them.
Posted by Luca on
Now the built-in iSight on my MBP with Leopard 10.5.7 is working again.
Thanks a lot.
Posted by Mark on
I have an imac g5 and when I first loaded tiger, the isight worked. After shutdown and reboot, it disappeared. Loaded leopard upgrade, did not cure the isight problem. Loaded your "fix" and Isight came back. I could close photo booth and reopen and I would have the working isight. Upon shutdown and restart, disappeared again and not to return...suggestions???
Thank you,
Posted by Matt on
mmm... I didn't even expect it to work on a G5 in the first place! My first thought is that the startup item was not correctly installed, but if it worked the first time, then it obviously is installed... unless for some reason Leopard decided to uninstall it... just go to /Library/StartupItems and make sure the isightfix is still there, and also make sure the permissions are correct. If you don't know much about terminal, just to a "get info" on the isightfix (apple-i) and check the users and groups (all the way down in the bottom)
The owner should be root and the group wheel.
Posted by Barney on
AWESOME. Thank you SO MUCH for setting this up!!
Posted by Mark on
Well, I had to shelf the project for a short time. I reloaded tiger os and isight worked again. Went to sleep, and when I woke it up, no photo booth. What I did notice was I had trash. The photo's I took were moved there and isight was again not working or showing up in the usb tree. I finally figured out how to get into library and yes the isight fix is still there but, the owner does not contain "root" and the group is already set to wheel. Doomed...
Mark (G5 owner)
Posted by Mark on
Oh, forgot, owner shows "system".
Thanks again,
Posted by Matt on
yep, apparently "system" and root is the same thing... I added a screenshot of how permissions should look.
Posted by Nick on
This fix worked perfectly for me in Leopard, but now after upgrading to snow leopard I am getting the error "Disabled insecure startup item..."

Is there a fix for this yet?

Posted by admin on
Hi, I haven't updated to Snow Leopard yet, I was thinking about doing it sometime next month, but was thinking about getting a new MacBook at the same time, so I may not be able to debug this.
I'd like to hear more reports about this, and if anyone has a solution please post it here.
To be honest, I was secretly hoping Snow Leopard would fix this problem. It's proven that it is only a software problem, and if I could fix it with a tiny Startup Item, then I'm sure Apple would be able to fix it as well.
Posted by Nick on
Yea I'm not sure what they're thinking. If I'm sitting around with spare time some day i'll take a look at it and see if I can get it to work.
Posted by admin on
Hi Nick, I updated the terminal instructions. That should work on Snow Leopard. Let me know.
Posted by Nick on
It works! Thanks!

Posted by Dan on
Thanks. I've had the same problem on my iMac (Intel) Mac OS X 10.4.11. I think I'm missing something here...I've dragged the "iSightFix" folder where it needs to go. I'm not sure how to repair the permissions as I've outlined....I've opened Terminal and pasted the content as follows, but not sure what to do with it. Do I save that Terminal files somewhere? After typing it in, what do I need to do with it? Maybe more screen grabs could help? Thanks so much for your help.
Posted by antonio Lorusso on
hello all, any news for snow leopard? isight broken again after the upgrade!
Posted by Richard on
Snow leopard works too.

Good onya Matias!!!
Posted by kabutosan on
Could you explain better?
Posted by kabutosan on
I have the same problem with snow leopard. I tried the fix.. but doesn't work for me.
Posted by Nick on
Back to report that It was working, but now it doesn't. I think it became broken again after a reboot. I checked permissions (no longer get the error on startup) and everything seems good, so something else must be wrong.
Posted by james on
Works! Amazing, even Mac Store couldn't fix my problem for free, would have cost 300 for new logic board and iSight!
Posted by Ferroque on
Had this issue in Leopard, this fix worked. At odd times it would recur and I'd simply need to re-install the fix and let Leopard re-adjust the permissions.

Updated the macbook to SL just now, auto fix doesnt work and the security thing comes up.

manually change owner using the updated paramenters of root:wheel vs root.wheel and it works perfectly.

i have yet to test this out over multiple reboots but suspect just as before, if it breaks, just do it all over again, copy file in, set root params manually, reboot.
Posted by Martin on
Unfortunately this extension doesn't do the trick for me. I have a MacBook Pro (early 2008) and I lost the iSight after upgrading to Snow Leopard. I managed to get it working again a couple of times by reseting the pram/firmware (removing the battery and crap), but I just tried it again now with no success.

The thing is that in my case I don't even see anything in the System Profiler - not even an unspecified Vendor-Specific item.
Posted by ramonf on
OK, I donĀ“t use the webcam much, and I hit this problem today. I have a 2.5G Macbook Pro, with Snow Leop at version 10.6.2 with Linux on another partition loaded via rEFIt. I only updated to subversion 2 of Snow Leop today. Isight did work in the beginning. Both Mattias' and Jorge' fixes don't fix it for me.

As far as I can see (I only diff'd a few files) Jorge's files are the same as Mattias' and Jorge's alternative approach is to just put the essential directory into /System/Library/Extensions instead of /Library/Startup. I may be wrong on that, but that's how it looks initially.

Kext Helper file Jorge uses seems to be a script to carry out the same permission wrangling that Mattias recommends to be done on the Terminal.

I'll have to keep fiddling .. I'll report back here if there is progress ... this page certainly seems to be the definitive one on this problem though
Posted by Vinz on

I'm on SL and try every of your solution but it doesn't work at all !

Like Martin i don't even see anything in the System Profiler - not even an unspecified Vendor-Specific item.
Posted by Claudio on
Con sowleopard funziona ke e' una meraviglia !!!! Grandi
Posted by Aaron VanDerlip on
Works for me. I had taken my display apart looking for loose connection, but it is clear to me that is a software issue.
Posted by Javito on
I have the problem with the isight and I could not install the archives on the startup directory. I use snow leopard 10.6.2 and the kext helper doesn't seem to install file.
I do the procedure you detail with the terminal, and the directory does not charge on start up. Could you help me with this?
Posted by Jorge on
I'm sorry for the issues guys, but I did it my way with the kext helper and it worked for me.
Posted by Brent on
No success here, either...

SL 10.6.2 on an Early 2008 MacBook Pro.

Used the SL procedure described above....

FWIW, there is no mention of the iSight even as "Vendor Specific" and unnamed in system profiler... everything else connected over USB shows up just fine, though and I use several hubs.

I guess it's off to the Apple store... since I have Applecare on this machine, I'll see what they say and report back.
Posted by Andy on
Neither works on my Mum's Intel iMac with Snow Leopard.

Her iSight hasn't worked for over a year. Which is pretty frustrating considering I bought it specifically to do intercontinental video chat with her!

I suspect they don't work because a lot of these problems are caused by the vendorID of the iSight becoming corrupted.

This one has a VendorID of acac - that's just plain WRONG.

Is there a way of modifying this fix so that the user can specify the vendorID and productID of the object they need repaired?

I think if everyone having problems getting this working takes a look at their iSight in System Profiler, they'll find the vendorID is screwed up.
Posted by Mason on
wow after months of not having my isight and not being able to fix it the easy fix worked within 5 minutes. Im rather pissed that i couldn't find a solution sooner but am very thankful i did. :) thanx alot
Posted by Mason on
well it worked once.. now it doesn't work at all. such a tease.
Posted by PerMagnus on
I just tried Matt's iSightFix on my MBpro, all the permissions etc exactly as instructed, but unfortunately it doesn't work... pity. OS 10.4.11. I use(d) iSight lots for MaxMSPJitter tryouts. Suppose it's off to the mechanic.

Model Name: MacBook Pro 17"
Model Identifier: MacBookPro1,2
Processor Name: Intel Core Duo
Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per processor): 2 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz
Boot ROM Version: MBP12.0061.B03
SMC Version: 1.5f10
Posted by Ryan on
Thanks a ton!
The Snow Leopard fix worked perfectly.
Posted by cocoablini on
works! thanks!
Posted by wayne on
I have the latest iMac.....I can't activate my external digital camcorder using a USB (EasyCap) application when I'm in Livestream...it keeps defaulting to isight...sometimes the message shows "camera being used by other application" when it's not. I only want to disable isight when I'm in Livestream...is this possible?
Posted by hec on
I have macbookpro 4,1 15" C2D 2.5GHz with 10.6.2 SL. I was having isight issue (not in sys profile, no camera attached) but the "alternate" method here worked. I've rebooteda couple of times just to see and it's still holding up! thanks!
Posted by James on
Thanks so much to all involved for this information, the zip file, and for the great Terminal instructions. It worked after typing the instructions into Terminal and rebooting my 2.16GHz C2D 24" 2006 iMac. I appreciate you!
Posted by Tom Van Lint on
Thanks, it worked for my older iMac running Leopard
(iMac5.1 - Intel Core 2 Duo - 2.16 GHz - ROM-version: IM51.0090.B09 - SMC-version:1.9f4 - Serial: W86422VBVUV)
I don't quite understand what your fix does, but it works. Can't be said of the "solutions" that Apple posts on his site !
Posted by VeganDragan on
You are a lifesaver. I can't believe that I would have had to pay a Mac "Genius" to fix what seemed like a hardware issue and obviously was a software one. Thank you!
Posted by David Killick on
You guys are the hidden heroes of the world,many many thanks,David
Posted by Mic Edwards on
The fix has not worked for me, but I have another symptom/sign to share.

When I look at the USB bus using System Profiler after restarting the machine, the camera is there. As soon as I do anything to access the camera--open Photobooth, or Skype or iChat--the camera disappears from the USB bus ...

Is this what other people with this problem are seeing. All the reports of this I have read so far talk about the camera being there on not. Nobody seems to be checking for this (I think) obvious connection. As soon as the OS goes to open the camera it disappears.

Just me, or everyone else?
Posted by Mic Edwards on
Oh ... and just to confuse the matter, this is an early (Core2Duo) MacBook Pro, not an iMac or a MacBook.
Posted by Radu Purtuc on
Awesome!!!! Had a new macbook solve the iSight issue in no time spared. Though, I had a tough time up to that moment figuring out what else I should be doing, not to mention online searches.

Just a word to the owner, the text file built in the folder has some text cut out - so as long as others follow the terminal text from this page, everything is back to how it should be right after the reboot.

This was a friend's macbook with a Cypress iSight hardware. Not every mac comes with same iSight. Hardly a surprise, but worth mentioning.


Posted by Butterfly Siren on
I have tried the reboot key commands, deleting the quicktime cam/cam, I have the latest version of skype for mac, and the current OS operating system, I have tried every method including the two fix folders posted above, and yet the skype preferences show no camera connected. the isight works great with photobooth and ichat, but not skype! I am so frustrated! Is there someone out there that can help me? PLEASE...
Posted by Matt on
Hi, It looks like the problem you're having is not the one that this page tries to fix, since you say your isight works in other apps.
I had the same issue when I upgraded to Snow Leopard. All apps worked except Skype and it turned out I once installed an app called CamCamX which fiddles with the isight.
To fix the problem, I just had to remove the file: CamCamX.component from Library/QuickTime
Sounds like if your problem is not the same the solution may be similar...
Posted by mike on
WOW!!! The alternative fix worked like a CHARM! I've been trying on and off for months to find a fix for this to no avail. PRAM, taking out battery, reinstalling from time machine, etc. etc. I opened, dropped, clicked, crossed my fingers, rebooted, and viola, the green light flicked on. Good job and Thanks.

Posted by Tira Khan on
The snow leopard fix did not work for me. I'm using a Macbook Pro bought in 2009, with Snow leopard.
Posted by Florian on

Your fix was magic! Followed all instructions and it worked like a charm!
Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Nick on
The kext version works for me on snow leopard! I have restarted a couple times now and everything is still a go
Posted by Marion on
Everytime I want to hit EasyInstall it asks for a password. But I don't have one?! I am trying the SNowLepard version
Posted by Alle on
OMG, THANK YOU JORGE!!! I used the Snow Leopard fix and it worked beautifully! I really didn't want to have to take my desktop to the Apple store and pay an arm and a leg. I'm sure they wouldn't be happy to hear about this fix, lol.

Marion - I had the same issue. I had to create a password just to do it. It requires you to have a password on the account. So I created a password, installed, and then changed my password back to nothing. Good luck!
Posted by Giorgio Terdina on
Many thanks for publishing this patch.
At first it did not work for me, but it did when I modified the Info.plist contained in the AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext package to match the Vendor and Product IDs shown in the System Profiler.

When you get a "Vendor specific" USB device, instead of "Built-in iSight", it means that Vendor ID and/or Product ID in the firmware are corrupted. In order to force firmware reloading, you must thus:
1. Take note of "Vendor ID" and "Product ID" shown in System Profiler;
2. Convert the two IDs from hexidecimal to decimal. You can find a conversion utility here: http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexadecimal.html
Example. If Vendor ID is 0xffac, type ffac in the converter and click on "to decimal" button (result for ffac is 65452);
3. Take note of the two decimal values;
4. Open the downloaded iSightFix folder;
5. Open the Resources folder;
6. Cntrl-click on AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext;
7. Choose "Show package contents";
8. Open the Contents folder;
9. Double click on the Info.plist;
10. Expand IOKitPersonalities (click on the arrow at left);
11. Expand "Video support";
12. Modify the value of idProduct to match the decimal value of "Product ID";
13. Modify the value of idVendor to match the decimal value of "Vendor ID";
14. Save Info.plist (File menu->save);
15. Quit "Property List Editor";
16. Drop the folder iSightFix inside /Library;/StartupItems, change permissions as described and restart your Mac;
17. Once the iSight is recognized by Mac OS/X, move the folder iSightFix from /Library/StartupItems to the Trash (you will be prompted for your password).

Posted by Matt on
Wow! That's excellent!
Does that mean once you follow these steps, the fix is permanent?? This would mean so much to so many people.
If more people confirm the above message, I'll move it to the top of the page, as this seems to be the definite fix (unfortunately I don't have the affected macbook in my possession anymore)
Thanks Giorgio.
Posted by Giorgio Terdina on
The fix should anyway be permanent or last, at least, until the iSight firmware gets corrupted again. This should not occur very often (in my case it happened after 4 years) unless you installed any software that tries to load a different firmware or incur any problem (e.g. power failure) that erases/corrupts iSight memory.

The difference between the solution kindly provided by you and what I did, is that Vendor ID and Product ID on my system were ffac and 8300 instead of 04b4 and 8613. Others may find different values. The patch thus needs to be tailored to the situation of each different user. OS/X will load the firmware only if the IDs in the plist match those in the System Profiler. Once the firmware is loaded, the patch is not used anymore by OS/X, since the correct IDs (05ac/8501) do not match those of the plist.

ciao from Italy

Posted by ResEdi on
Mac OS X - 10.5.8

Great! Good job, man! Thank you a lot. It works fine for me on my MacBook Pro.

Greetings from Germany

Posted by ResEdi on
...oh, shit!

After wake-up the MacBook dont find the iSight any more a few day later. And nothing helps in fact.


Posted by joseflamas on
neither of two methods work for me on Macbook SL 10.6.3, the problem is not hardware cause it seems to read the high speed USB bus and when i was running leopard the fix worked a few times.

thanks, i will keep trying.
Posted by mick on
I have a similar problem with my early 2008 macbook pro running 10.6.4: After reboot my iSight appears in the the System Profiler. If i then start Skype (with video) or Photo Booth (with camera on) and then move or touch the notebook screen the video disappears, the programs complain that no camera is attached and the iSight entry (Build in iSight) in System Profiler also disapperas (after closing and reopening the System Profiler). For the iSight to work again a reboot is required. However, if I move / touch the screen while these applications (Skype, photbooth, etc) are NOT running then the iSight continues to work fine.... anybody experiencing the same problem?
Posted by mick on
I have a similar problem with my early 2008 macbook pro running 10.6.4: After reboot my iSight appears in the the System Profiler. If i then start Skype (with video) or Photo Booth (with camera on) and then move or touch the notebook screen the video disappears, the programs complain that no camera is attached and the iSight entry (Build in iSight) in System Profiler also disapperas (after closing and reopening the System Profiler). For the iSight to work again a reboot is required. However, if I move / touch the screen while these applications (Skype, photbooth, etc) are NOT running then the iSight continues to work fine.... anybody experiencing the same problem?
Posted by mick on
ps; by "moving the screen" I essebtially meant moving back and forth or tilting ...
Posted by mw on
THANK YOU!! After a year of this problem on and off, then when I most definitely needed my camera for iChat and Skype out of the country...this worked. Most definitely a thank you!
Posted by Gaetano on
Thank you!! It was just great to see iSight working again!!
Posted by JimEastwood on
You're the man|men ! thanks

2.4ghz intel core i5
4gb 1067 mhz ddr3
ya man!
Posted by petrig on
Thank you very much for this great patch!!!!! I didn't believe the result. But the system profiler in my white 17'' core2duo imac recognizes the camera again and it works perfectly!
Posted by Mikaela on
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out... I tried all of the above, and still nothing? In system profiler, I don't even even have a "vendor specific" option in there. And still my iSight is not working.. Any ideas?
Posted by Mats on
I unfortunately have the same problem as Mikaela. Is there any other way than System Profiler to get access to the Vendor or Product ID of my iSight?
Posted by Gonzalo on
Thank you so much from Talca, Chile !!, I can repair my iSight.
Posted by Fred Skupenski on

Friggin' awesome--it WORKED!

Ichat doesn't BUT photo booth and Imovie work fine.

Thanks, I take 2 out of 3

Posted by Fred Skupenski on

Oh #@##***! It stopped working-anyone with reasons why?

I will repeat the process later in the week.

Posted by Allen on
I appreciate what you have written here. Unfortunately, the only positive for me was that my system profiler now reads the USB High Speed bus as below:

Host Controller Location: Built-in USB
Host Controller Driver: AppleUSBEHCI
PCI Device ID: 0x27cc
PCI Revision ID: 0x0002
PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086
Bus Number: 0xfd

Any idea for me to do something else now?


Posted by mosesk on
Holy S***
It worked!!
I wouldn't have believed it.
I just picked up a MacBook Pro 17" 2.33GHz A1212 and and noticed the iSight was not working and System Profiler saw it as vendor-specific.
I tore the computer apart to make sure the cabling and connections were OK.
I was all ready to buy a new iSight camera/board and/or cable. And then I came across your site.
I currently have 10.5 on the MacBook Pro.
But am right now upgrading to 10.6.
If there is a change I'll let you know.

Once again
Posted by mosesk on
so i installed 10.6 and still functioning iSight.
did all the updates.
still good.
then i put the macBook pro back together.
Remember I had taken it apart to get a look at the cable connection to the camera.
Then restarted and LOST the iSight connection.
Then ran Jorge Hernandez's fix and got it back.
So I'll keep you posted.
Posted by mosesk on
seems solid at this point
Posted by Chris on
I tried both and they don't work after upgrading to Snow Leoaprd two days ago. Any more ideas anyone?
Posted by Christel on
Unfortunately for me neither of these 2 fixes worked. I am on a MBP from early 2008. I have an intermittent issue with my buit-in sight since 6 months. Only a SMC reset is fixing it temporarly.
Posted by Amit on
hi ,
have a now Mac Osx 10.6.5
Tried both the methods with no success :(
Wondering if the permissions of the isightfix files are not being tweaked since the difference between the two methods is only relating to permissions of item in the startup items folder .

Would request the authors to consider using batchmod v1.6.3 (available from at http://www.macchampion.com/arbysoft/batchmod_151.dmg) .Which is batch permissions tweaking utility . Have not used batchmod yet .

hope it works
Posted by Terry on

You are the man!

Apple must have their head so far up their collective backside that I need to find some literally on the other side of the world to get this fixed.

Your fix worked like a charm.

Many thanks.

Posted by nick the greek on
many thanks terrific convinience
Posted by Bess on
Thanks a lot for such useful and helpful information, but it didn't work on my macBook pro...

I managed to get the iSightFix folder into the StartupItems but for some reason, terminal showed "no such file or directory" after i typed in my password and the first line with "sudo". What should i try to do?
Posted by Hussam on
You sir...ROCK!!! thx so awfully much now my wife can see me again. I followed the initial instructions given t the beginning, ie dropped the folder into the library/startup and changed the permissions as stated. I got an error to start with cause I had also dropped the readme.txt in there hehe

I have a Macbook pro, 2.66 GHz, i7, using snow leopard 10.6.6. I am not sure what happened exactly for the camera to stop working, but now it is working again will update if this changes...but anyway THX!!!!
kind regards
Posted by hussam on
coincidentally I can answer your question as I did the same mistake you have probably done. You have dropped the entire folder you downloaded in the startup folder. This is wrong. Instead inside the folder you downloaded called "isight fix folder" there is a subfolder called just "isightfix" this is the folder you should copy from your download location into the startup folder and then follow the terminal instructions and you should hopefully be fine :)

kind regards
Posted by Dawn on
I just upgraded my Imac to Snow Leopard 10.6.6 from Tiger; tried to play with the built-in Isight but it didn't work. (I have no idea if it ever worked before the upgrade as I had never used it). I was getting the same "vendor-specific" message; tried the fix from here and it worked like a charm!!! Thank You!
Posted by nweako on
ok! buit-in insight stopped working for a week now "camera not connected". tried all apple troubleshoots, the r-p-alt-command worked. the camera stops working again. system profiler doesnt seem to detect isight. iv tried the above fixes, and non of them work. plzzz help!
please tell me it is not a hardware issue!

i have os x 10.6.5
Posted by Jxuan on
Why does it say command not found when I keyed in the last terminal instruction ?
An old MBP OS X 10.5.8
Posted by Tino on

Understand that this is very old now, but I have exactly the same problem as you (also on a 2008 MBP). If by any odd chance you read this, did you get your problem fixed?
Posted by bobbytomorow on
This solution worked for me

17" 1.83GHz iMac
Posted by Esther on
Did not work for me. No sign of "vendor-specific" under any of the usb tabs.

i have a 2008 macbook. help!!!
Posted by ALex on
I tried the snow leopard fix and it didn't work. i have a 2008 15" 10.5.8 Snow Leopard Macbook Pro. I fallowed all step as instructed. After the restart the isight wouldn't change.. Please Help.